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6 Reasons Why Your Local Business Website Should Be Built On WordPress.


1. WordPress offers easy editing, adding content and updating.

It is very user-friendly which means that you don't need to be an expert in order to use WordPress.

WordPress provides an easy way to update and edit content that can be done by anyone in your team. Using WordPress makes it a breeze for people with no coding skills to create a new blog post, or add new products.

2.Your WordPress website will be mobile friendly with fast loading pages.

There are still millions of websites that work fine on larger devices such as desktop PC and laptop, but they do not work well on small mobile devices. Your website must be mobile friendly and responsive to smaller screen sizes. We make sure that all the websites we create are 100% mobile friendly and responsive because the majority of traffic comimg to your website will be on smaller devices.

If your web oages take longer than 3 seconds to load then many customers will give up and look elsewhere. A kot of people think that this is because of WordPress. It is not though - it is because of several things.

  • Large images/photos that have not been optimised
  • Poor/cheap hosting that is not able to deliver the pages quickly
  • Badly coded plugins and themes will also cause slow loading

3. Your WordPress website will be custom built and 100% flexible for your company requirements.

All WordPress websites are not created equal. That's why it is important to work with an experienced and skilled website designer/developer who will be able to create a website for you site that is 100% custom built and based entirely on your company's needs.

Your WordPress website will be responsive and look stunning on all devices large or small. It will have a clean and user-friendly interface and navigation to make it simple for your customers to connect with you.

The website will also take advantage of all the latest SEO features in order to get the best ranking possible on Google and other search engines.

4. You will benefit from advanced custom forms for web traffic and lead generation.

Our WordPress form integration is done using most advanced and fastest form builder. Thank to our purchasing power you will benefit from the best software at the lowest price.

If you want your website to attract new customers, you know how valuable it is to understand your website visitors. The more information you can collect from these visitors, the better insight you will have into your target market.

Nowadays, forms on websites are the one of the best ways to gather data from visitors. However, not all forms do the job well it can depend on what kind of information you need from your web traffic.  We will create a custom form based entirely on what you want to collect in the way of data from your customers.

The key benefit of these advanced custom forms is that they allow for a very specific and targeted type of information gathering - something that a generic form cannot provide.

It is also possible that your business would benefit more from an advanced Chatbot as well as a form. Having both options open to your website visitors will give your customers the choices they love when doing business with you.

5. The possibilites are endless for enhanced functionality of your website.

Using the best professionally developed plugins will provide you with almost any specific functionality that you may need on your website. Thanks to our huge collection of WordPress add-ons you can expect your website to be capable of just about anything!

These plugins will not cause any problems with your website because they are developed by trusted software developers who make their living providing these solutions.

We are dedicated to keep your website running smoothly, so there will be no incompatibility issues with us..

6. WordPress expansion options are unbeatable, so your website grows with your business.

WordPress is a very powerful tool with so many possibilities for expansion and growth. One of its main features that will help you expand your website and grow your business, is the unlimited structuring of content types.

Say that your business starts off with 4 main products/services - after a period of successful trading you might want to introduce 4 or 40 new products/services and have them categorised so that they appear together in the right places on your site. This is nothing new, but with unlimited custom post types and unlimited custom taxonomies there truely is no limit to the growth of your business or your website.

If you believe that WordPress is not for you then please read on…

WordPress is a great platform for small businesses. Some people think there are some downsides though.

1: It is a free platform that is expensive to run:

The website builder is free and open source, but you need to pay for hosting, domain name, and premium themes or plugins.

WordPress is a free platform, but if you seriously expect to build, host, manage and update a website without paying then you may not have your priorities right. Yes, you can set up a blog on and pay nothing, but you will more than likely get nothing in return.

Any business website that will make you a return on investment is better than using the free option.

Why? Because even if you get given a car, you cannot expect to run it without buying fuel, mechanical services, insurance, etc etc and a website is no different. Even Wix and Shopify want premium prices for premium products, they just tempt you in with the lowest level offering and then upsell you the goodies.

You need a domain name, one that means something related to your business, and this is just a small cost annually unless you want a premium domain name and then expect to pay 1000’s. Otherwise probably no more than £15 per annum.

If you want a properly designed website using software that is professional, secure and does the job brilliantly, then hire someone to create it for you. Decide on your budget and give us a try, we are very flexible when it comes to helping new clients turn their dreams into reality.

2: WordPress slows down your site :

It is not WordPress that slows down your website, it is a combination of unoptimised content, cheap inferior hosting and badly written plugins and themes that bloat your pages and make them slow to load for many users.

  • Plugins - if you or your web designer has used free plugins (some of them are excellent but how would you know the difference?) and a lot of them, they will often have the effect of slowing down your website. It is worth having premium plugins that are lighter and better coded and that os what you get when you use AJM Digital Services.

We do not even use a theme - we use a site builder plugin that allows to custom create all the templates that your website needs and therefore reduces the page sizes enormously. Plus, it delivers bloat free pages that load fast for your customers.

  • Unoptimised content - Large images are most often the cause of slow loading pages because they need to be downloaded by the browser before they can be viewed.

We use CDN (content delivery network) to deliver your content making the process faster on all browsers, but in addition we optimise the size and weight of your images to suit website display better.

3. Security Issues :

When the platform is free, hackers and other outsiders are incentivised to find security flaws and use them against you. This happens with WordPress more often than with other commercial platforms.

The statement above may only be true if you:

  • Have a easy to guess username

  • Have a weak user password

  • Do not update your website regularly to ensure all software is current

  • Use cheap shared hosting

  • Do not use some kind of security software on your website in addition to the above

  • Use free plugins that may contain malicious code

  • Use free themes that may contain malicious code

So to make sure that this never happens to your website we:

  • Always encourage strong usernames that cannot be guessed

  • Always use strong secure passwords - your browser remembers them so you do not need to.

  • Password protect your computer/laptop to help prevent fraud if it gets lost or stolen

  • Never use free plugins that are not 100% trustworthy

  • Never use a theme that is not 100% trustworthy and secure

  • Always keep your website updated to the latest version of everything

  • Do not use cheap shared hosting

  • Use security software to prevent attacks

  • Always keep full backups and database backups away from the server in case of emergencies.

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