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An introduction to AI and Chatbots

Chatbots have been used by many large companies with amazing success and AI can provide a lot of the content that makes them work so well.

Chatbots are being used for various purposes - from customer service and sales to marketing and advertising. A chatbot might be able to answer your customer’s questions, or provide you with some helpful tips on how to go about solving a problem.

Sometimes, they can even help your customers find a page on your website that would be relevant to their needs in case they don't know where to start looking.

As the Chatbot technology advances, businesses are finding more and more clever ways of using it as a tool for their own benefit as well as the customers.

Chatbots: Website, Messenger, how do I start conversational marketing?

How exactly does a Chatbot help local businesses?

Chatbots are a cutting-edge technology that help local businesses generate leads and provide customer service through online chat.

Chatbots help small businesses reach more customers by making it easier for the marketing team to get in touch with potential clients. Chatbots also allow those who can't speak English as their first language, to communicate easily and without fear of miscommunication or mistranslation.

One Chatbot can be used on different platforms.

There are a wide variety of chatbots available for different platforms. So the first step is to identify the platform that you want to use and then search for your desired bots.

The platforms might be Facebook, a WordPress website, an HTML website or a website built on Wix or something similar.

There are many benefits to using chatbots for customer service and entertainment. The biggest benefit is that they can answer consumer questions quickly and easily without making potential customers wait in line or call an office.

If you deploy a chatbot on your website it can a website based chat box only, or if you want to use the same chatbot on your Facebook page and your website then that is a great choice.


A Chatbot for your website and Messenger

Why do I need a chatbot for my website?

Chatbots can be programmed to answer questions, give directions, make recommendations or provide any other information.

Chatbots are now being used for marketing purposes on many websites. Chatbots can be set up using your website content and can reply to any question that your visitors might ask. They can be used to answer basic customer service queries as well so in fact Chatbots are also unpaid 24/7 customer service agents.

1. The chatbot platform that will meet most needs - Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is the messaging app that most businesses like yours are using. It is the most convenient way to interact with your customers on social media. With the right autoresponder in place, you will have a marketing powerhouse at your fingertips!

It has a free, easy-to-use chatbot platform that will meet a lot of your needs and will allow you to provide a pretty good customer experience.

However, a customised Chatbot built with conditional logic will send your conversions sky high because it will have the programmed steps built in that recognise what your customer really wants.

The benefits of conversational marketing are already at your fingertips

Conversational marketing, as has been stated above, is a trending marketing strategy in recent years, but it’s not easy to set up a professional conversational marketing Chatbot.

The reason that you need to have conversational marketing available on your website, is that you can if you wish, save time and money by doing all the work from the comfort of your home (or your marketing team can work from home).

  • You want your Chatbot to be a type of service that focuses on creating a personalised conversations with the customers, depending on their needs.

  • You can use your Chatbot as an engagement channel with your customers. Chatbot conversations are about keeping your customers in touch and talking to them on their level.

  • A social media platform like Facebook Messenger is the perfect channel for conversational marketing.

  • Your Chatbot is a channel for conversations that feels personalised because your cusotmers can see when someone is active on the app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Conclusion: To increase conversion rates and reduce customer service costs, it's important to start using conversational marketing with a chatbot.

AI is one of the most influential technologies and it will shape our future. Chatbots using AI are being widely used by many companies for tighter integration with marketing campaigns.

With more and more businesses adopting AI for their marketing campaigns, chatbots are becoming the new norm.

Chatbots provide a crucial role in customer service, and are an invaluable tool in simplifying the customer experience.

They can also be programmed to improve customer engagement levels by prompting customers to take desired actions, such as checking out or signing up for new services/products.

It's a great opportunity for businesses to create personalised, relevant and timely messages for prospective customers at scale, which will eventually lead to an increased conversion rate.


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