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Another way of using those credits in your favourite AI app.

I want to show you how you can use AI tools such as Nichesss and Frase or Outranking (plus the many others out there) to improve the quality of your seo.

This is not about how to use these AI tools because you hopefully already know that - or about the seo on your Wordpress pages (or whatever platform you use) but it is about getting the most use out of your AI purchases to benefit from the ranking factor that Google still gives more weight to than so many other factors.

The Number One Google Ranking Factor

I am talking about backlinks, and assuming that new latest Google update Core Web Vitals is already taken care of on your websites.

It should be possible to rank an article/page locally or globally without backlinks, but it will probably be for a low volume low competition keyword.

In many cases, unless your own website is an aged site with authority (DA and PA) already achieved, you will struggle to rank high in local searches, even with a 2000 word article and perfect on-page seo. It can depend very much on the strength of your website compared to the websites of your competitors.
Along with social media posting and excellent on-page seo, backlinks are very a important part of getting your pages found easily in the SERPS. Success is never 100% guaranteed and anyone who tells you they can rank your article in a competitive niche on the number one spot of the search results, is perhaps being economical with the truth.

We need to be creating accounts on public blogging sites such as and Blogger (along with 20 or 30 other sites) to create content that contains a backlink to our money pages and if there are enough of them it can boost your domain and page authority considerably, helping you to beat the established competition.
These sites mainly give you do-follow backlinks so you get more link juice from them.

Creating Buffer Sites

I use the term buffer sites for these public free blogging sites and in effect we will be setting up a small Private Blog Network of our own to post whatever we want, whenever we want to.

So here is the problem.
How can we quickly and easily create enough backlinks to make a difference by continuing to post blog articles on these buffer sites for different keywords on different pages of our money sites.
In addition, these articles need to be of sufficient quality and uniqueness that Google indexes them and of course the backlinks to our websites.

You may have already come to the understanding that the article quality problem can be solved by using our amazing AI tools.
Normally, the articles that get posted on these buffer sites are created using PLR docs that have been used millions of times and spun to death by tools like Spin-Rewriter.
Some tools we can use allow us to automatically create an article by filling in a few blanks and clicking a button. Somewhat like the AI tools we know, but instead they spit out garbage that no-one would ever read, let alone become engaged with.

So as you guessed, the buffer site content will be created by your AI tools, and you already know how to create content on whichever tools you have purchased. What follows will be an attempt to explain how it all fits together with other tools we can use for automation, without which it would be a real challenge to create enough accounts on the blogging platforms and post regularly on them all.

Lets break this down into a workflow that is logical and easy to follow ( I hope!!)

1. Create content for your money site:

I now use to create a strong outline with plenty of inspiration from the research tab and Nichesss to help me fill it with content, (although many of you will have your own preferred way of creating content) but if you understand your niche well then it you will no doubt rewrite your articles as much as possible to make them truly unique and sound more like they are written by you.
Yes, I know this is way more time consuming and what we all buy AI tools for is to save time. However, saving time and making money do not always end up giving the same result.
If your money site content is pretty much perfect, then the backlinks you create can easily make a greater difference.

2. Create content for your buffer sites:

Your buffer sites are created on high authority public blogging sites and they all get a decent volume of traffic, so you see it is logical to assume there is a good chance that your buffer sites will end up sending you traffic, and that is why the content needs to be good, not garbage.
Therefore, they do not only allow us to place really good backlinks, they can be a source of new customers too.

For each excellent article we create for your money site, we will be creating another niche related article that will be posted on all the buffer sites, only this time letting the machine do its thing!
Once we have this second article prepared (its always a good idea to read it through and change the headlines a little if you have time) we can then use it to make many different versions of it.  What our AI apps give us is 100% better than anything that the automated seo apps will churn out - so armed with that we can go to the next step.

Your backlink will be placed near the top of the finished article during the publication process.

The backlink can be structured in a couple of ways: a naked url (ie: or a link with keyword rich anchor text. Each buffer site should have a different but related anchor text (ie; sewing machines London, vintage sewing machines London, best sewing machines, etc etc.)

Don't worry, the process for making anchor text links is covered here too. You will need to have variations of the keyword you want to rank for and these, along with a few generic anchors (like click here... and go to this page etc)

3. Make variations of your buffer site content:

This means you take the whole buffer site article and add spintax to it to create 30 or so new articles so that each buffer site gets a different version of your new article with your backlink inside it.

This is the second automated process (after the AI writing) and involves using a spintax app. Many people already have a licence for one of these apps such as Spin Re-writer, Spinner Chief and others

I have both but mainly use Spinner Chief because it is a relatively low one time cost (the Elite version is currently discounted down to $88) and I can also manually spin an article easily for even better results. It is a desktop app for Windows.
Spin ReWriter is very good but comes with an annual fee of $77 unless you opt for the LTD which is expensive.

Your original article should end up with spintax looking something like this - {a|the|one} {quick|fast} {brown|silver} {fox|dog|wolf} - and when they get posted to the buffer sites the software (see further down) automatically spins the text into new articles that will all be different but mean essentially the same thing - this is very important if you want Google to index these articles for your backlink.

I hope you guys are not lost in jargon right now?
Towards the end is a section that shows you how the posting is done, but there are plenty of tutorials inside the members dashboard.

There are links to both spinner apps if you decide to invest.
SpinnerChief Windows Desktop AppSee Spin ReWriter In ActionSpin-ReWriter Online App

4. Create accounts on blogging platforms:

Manually creating accounts on multiple platforms and posting regularly for backlinks is bloody hard work. It is repetitive and you soon get fed up with it.
Luckily there is one very good tool we can use to do the heavy lifting for us.

Introducing Ranksnap - if you are an affiliate marketer or an experienced seo, you may already know about this gem of an app.
Using Ranksnap, you can create projects for all your niches, sites or products. These projects will all need to have accounts assigned to them and the account creation is entirely automated with a csv export function to see your accounts with login credentials. You can also download reports of links created. This will be important later on!

You can create as many accounts as you want with a credits based system - for a pretty small price ($47 with 10,000 credits included) you can buy a licence and this will create up to 1,000 blog accounts and 3000 blog posts. You might also create accounts on for social media status updates, bookmarks, web 2.0 profiles, documents and citations as well as videos. You can buy more credits inside the app.

5. Post content to all platforms.

In your RankSnap dashboard you will see 'projects' in the left column so click on it and create a project for your niche/keyword.
Next click on the 'accounts' tab and you will see this screen. Make sure to choose the project you just created. Then click the light green button 'select all websites' and you should have 11 sites selected. Now click the green button 'Create accounts and publish'.

You can repeat this step as many times as you want - you can also add manually created accounts for the sites such as Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Self Hosted Wordpress, Wikidot etc - and then post to all those accounts too using the same spun article.
After you click the  'create accounts and publish' button you will see the popup in the second image below.
Fill in the boxes with the details asked for - click the help button for additional info - then you can start adding your urls and keywords. If you only have one url that you want to link to then just add that by clicking the green button 'add new shortcut'.
Call it 'links'.
Then add another shortcut to use your keywords for anchor text and name it 'keywords'.
Next, insert this code into the body of the text near the top of your article. You will need to switch to the source view (button in the text editor) before pasting this code or it might not work properly.
<a href="[[links]]">[[keywords]] </a>
It is very important to ensure that if you have 16 keywords, you must also have 16 urls in the links shortcut. If you do not then the keyword rotation will never happen. If you only post to a single url, just paste in your URL 16 times - always equal to the  quantity of keywords.
Next - add some tags similar or the same as your main keywords.
You can now preview the post using the white button shown below and refresh it to see the differing text and anchor links, ensuring that the posts to all the blogging platforms are unique.

Set to create and publish in 3 days. There is no way to publish any quicker though I have requested this from support.
When using RankSnap, it is important to remember that all the accounts created can be re-used again and again. All you need to do is go to the 'publish' tab select all the accounts created and publish your new article.

6. How to build backlinks to your backlinks...

OK, now that we have a small high authority PBN that we can post to whenever we want to, we can start thinking about the final step of this process.
Those backlinks that we just created are going to need a little help to get our content ranked well, especially in competitive niches. Alone, they will help for local rankings depending on the competition ( has a really good serps research tool built in and others do too I believe?) but if we want to get the most out of them then another automated posting tool is going to be needed.

It would be next to impossible to achieve this without an automated tool and the one I prefer is Money Robot.
It is not cheap, ($67 monthly or $497 LTD) but it does the job brilliantly.

There is a trial version that you can try out but it will not create campaigns as outlined below...
Never ever ever point these links to your money site - only the buffer sites.

Using it will enable you to post hundreds of backlinks to all your buffer sites and the articles will be created by the app with just a little input from you.

This is the work flow:

1: Create a new campaign
2: Right click on the popup panel on any part that is not a text box and select 'advanced'
3: Look for the dropdown that say 'accounts'
4: Look the link to create a new category
5: Give the category a name that relates it to the niche
6: Then type in a couple or three keywords that the article will be created around
7: Click create new articles button and wait a moment or two
8: It will be possible to add images and videos to the article using the buttons provided
9: Simply paste the url of an image or video and then choose before or after article
10: On the right side panel select a Diagram/Seo Strategy (the type of sites that will be posted to)
11: Start with the 1>3>12 diagram
12: Choose start now or spread submission over as many day as you like. - Click Start Campaign

Money Robot Submitter
Now, when you create your next new article on your buffer sites - you can re-use these accounts easily and the posting will be 66% quicker.
Plus you will be adding new content to a blog regularly giving it even more authority and powering up your buffer site backlinks at the same time as helping your money pages.
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